‘Stargazer’ Prelim Pages

It’s not something I’m proud of but after I graduated (and life didn’t quite take off as I’d hoped) my creativity and motivation took a nosedive. It’s something I’m trying to control of these days and one thing I hope to push myself to do in the near future is another animated short.

I have a couple of ideas on the backburner but after mulling on it one has stood out as the most appealing and I present it here to show how I get my first ideas out. This is how my other short (‘The Price We Pay’) started life, a series of tiny semi-sequential drawings with vague notes next to them. The notes came first, the drawings after when I had more time to mull on what I wanted to show and I apologise if you can’t read them – for one thing they’re mostly just words that trigger things in my memory, but I also have notoriously bad handwriting (to the point I was made to type all my sketchbook annotations in the last years of university).

It’s basically a short piece about loneliness, following a young girl who is alone in the world but fascinated by the stars. One night when she goes to look at them one falls from the sky and she takes it home to be the companion she’s always wanted – but a star can’t stay here forever.

Please click for a better/bigger view of it.



There’s a lot of work that needs doing to it obviously – I think I ended up doing two or three full re-draws of the storyboard for my last animation – and that’s not including all the rest of the design work. But I hope to stick at it. Drawing these reminded me how much I love to do it, and how much I miss it.


Helen xxx


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