Tweaks & New Art

I’ve been tweaking things here a bit and not acknowledging it so I apologise if you’ve had trouble with viewing images on the site lately. I’ve also experimented with putting some kind of watermark on my work. The first result wasn’t great (think hideously overzealous) so I’ve gone back and redone them again to be far less obtrusive. Putting a watermark on my art has always felt rather arrogant to me (to assume someone would think it good enough to steal) but on the other hand it’s 2012 and I’ve come across a worrying number of people who think that the ability to right click an image means it’s public domain. So to cover myself a little symbol has gone on all of them and I hope that’s the last I have to think about it.

In other news there’s more art up in the 2012 section!

1.IMG copy 2. IMG_001 copy

3. IMG_002 copy 4.IMG_003 copy copy

5. IMG copy6.IMG_001 copy copy


1: A Da Vinci inspired portrait.

3. Character design (and pose drawings around the edges)

4. Costume idea.

5. Design drawings for 6.

I’m sorry there’s not been a whole lot going on for a while, my new year has gotten off to a slightly hectic start but I’m determined to try and keep posting things here as I go. Still not entirely sure what I should be posting but I’ll do what I can, I’m currently having a lot of fun trying out some new pencils so hopefully there’ll be more stuff on the way soon. Take care!

Helen xxx


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