Rabbit Thumbs

Uni is hectic, we’re moving towards deadline season now so I apologise if at any point I post here sounding hysterical, it’s perfectly normal. I’m starting to feel better, I’m trying to hold onto that and hopefully it’ll last, so hopefully there’ll be more drawings soon 🙂

This is another set of thumbs/storyboards for my personal project idea. I’ve set it up like this because it runs as a very rough sequence and maybe it’ll give a better idea of what kind of a film I imagine. This would take place pretty near the beginning and is sort of the moment reality takes a slight twist and becomes something more, the character we follow in the story has walked down to a beach to think and clear her head when she looks out over the sea and sees a strange island in the not-so-distance. Intrigued she starts to wade into the water, heading towards the island for a better look, when a train comes barrelling through the water behind her and stops beside her as if pulling up at a station.

I wasn’t sure how I wanted to take it from there, I like the idea of her going inside and finding some sort of strange place (not a normal train interior), or having her hanging on to the outside of the train as it crashes through the waves. Anyway, ultimately it gets there and deposits her on the island in front of a circus. It continues from there but that’s as far as I thought about it, it was just a sequence I had to get down before I forgot.

I would love to figure this thing out for my self-directed final project next year but I don’t think it’ll happen – for one thing I haven’t figured out the story completely (though I would love to do so over summer) but I also think it might turn into something longer than is acceptable (or feasible) to produce. We’ll see.



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