A Couple of April Drawings

A few more drawings, the first is of a personal character I often end up drawing and writing for, Juliette (already seen on this site) I think she changes every time I draw her, it’s great fun for just trying out ideas.

The other is something a little different, I ended up starting it about 10pm last night and was still playing with it around 2am. There is an idea behind it and the person in it is based on an existing ‘figure’, the cats and the cloak are probably the only clues to that, but because I’m not overly familiar with her and the world she comes from I hesitate to put her name on it in case I get people pointing out all the things I’ve gotten wrong. I’m just pleased I got it out, it’s the first time in a long time I’ve gotten an idea and just gone with it and sat down and drawn for fun. I want to take it further but I have a terrifying to-do list already so it might fall by the wayside. Hopefully not.



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