Apologies and Some Animals

Firstly I’m sorry I’ve not been keeping this updated, pretty much from the moment I got back to University things began nose-diving for me personally, life’s up and down at the moment but I want to keep putting things here for anyone who might wander through.

Now, to business.

For my drawing unit this semester we’re looking at animals, amusingly though the University has banned us from having any real live animals in to draw so we’re working from skeletons and stuffed animals borrowed from the local museum. I had fun trying to capture the intricacies of a skull, and it’s kind of nice to be able to sit and study an animal without it running away, but I think it would be nice to sit and stare at something living for a while.

The first pen study is of a pigeon skull and jaw, the other sheet is drawn from a rabbit skull and jaw.



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