Morning Observations 3

Hello, sorry I missed a couple of days, one of my flatmates turned 21 today and we spent yesterday up in London to celebrate. We went to see ‘Avenue Q’ (which is amazing for the record, deliciously grown up :)). The downside was a two hour train journey there and another two hours to get home again leaving me not feeling quite so good. The last couple of mornings I’ve spent drawing things indoors due to a mix of weather and wanting to be able to sit and draw something that stays still. I find it disheartening to only have stick figures to show in my sketchbook so I’ve had a go at something else – still all observed.

The top one is a sketch of some of the things I have lying around my room, including one of my teddy-bears (they tend to crop up in drawings, the annotation reads ‘Parthenopus’ which is its name) the first two on this second row are views from/of my windows.

My flat has been the subject of debate lately so I’ve taken the opportunity to record little pieces of my room to remember it by whatever happens. I don’t want to go into details but the debate has been whether we will be living here next year (which I am in favour of) or otherwise and I live with three boys who seem to change their mind on the subject every time it comes up. It’s a little unsettling to not know whether you do or don’t have a home for the next academic year.

Anyway, the last drawing is a quick-ish observation of a little toy cat I was sent by my dad, I just felt like drawing it because I find it cute and I kind of miss my real cats back home.



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