Morning Observations 2

Just another page from this morning. I’m finding small flaws to my drawing plans already, one of which is that – being January and right by the sea – it is impossible to see the human form for all the winter coats and woolly hats. Also my belief that the general public don’t want to be drawn was just a little encouraged by this morning’s session. People seemed quite aware of me and wouldn’t sit down or linger near me, I ended up feeling quite uncomfortable. Maybe I just won’t sit in that particular area again.

My life drawing tutor (she’s actually the head of my course) is a firm believer in going out and drawing, she regularly tells us how much fun it is and how much people enjoy being drawn but I never see that when I try it. Maybe it’s because of the differences in our ages – people are less likely to trust someone of my age over someone of hers. She is also far more skilled which I think helps too. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s just in my head.



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